Hello everyone,

yes, I'm talking to you! I may be the webmaster of this website, but nevertheless I am not almighty (sad, I know) and thus I always need help.

If you are a generous soul (hopefully), then you'll look at one of the following jobs and say "that's what I want to do!". If this should be the case, simply contact me. :)

So, what do I need?

Essay writers: First and foremost, because as you may have noticed, there isn't a single fan-written article in the Specials section yet. I am currently writing my own, but I'd be more than happy if someone decided to share his work with me. If you haven't written anything yet, you can also share your ideas with me and I will help you as much as I can.

Reviewers: Sadly, the reviews section is also empty. I plan to list every Zizou merchandise available from books, to DVDs, to clothes there and review them, so that everybody who intends to buy something Zizou related, knows directly what's worth buying. So if you own anything with his face on or in it, please write a short review (not longer than 10 lines, but please no "it's cool") and send it to me. :)

Artists: So far there's only me, but you can't tell me I'm the only one out there making Zizou wallpapers, icons, signatures, general art? I've seen enough beautiful things to be proven otherwise! So if you happen to have any artwork on your harddrive, please send it to me!

Pictures and videos: I always search more and more and more. So if someone has a good quality picture of Zizou that isn't in our gallery, feel free to send it to me. Also, if you found a good video on any video sharing website, I'd be happy to post it on this website. You can also send your own videos in!

If you have any other suggestions or found any mistakes, you can always write to me. :)