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Notes about the photo gallery

The purpose of this gallery is to share good quality pictures with fans. These pictures are only shared for private use! If you search for high quality Zidane pictures for magazine publications, please take the normal route and obtain them from a picture agency!

All the pictures in this gallery are either of a high or middle quality with no or just small watermarks. There are so many watermarked pictures out there that I aim for a mostly watermark-free gallery. If you have any pictures that fit these categories and that aren't yet in this gallery, feel free to share them with with me.

Most of these pictures were obtained by flo_6, who was so kind to share them. A big thank you goes out to her because she contributed more to this gallery than anybody else!

For copyright issues, check out the site information and the disclaimer. I didn't put this gallery online to break copyright laws but to simply share pictures with fans, who have no other way of obtaining pictures. It's all for fun and no money is gained with it. Thanks for your understanding.

And finally, for all of you who were like "What the hell is this person talking about? I wanna see the pictures!!" here's the gallery: photogallery