This fansite is dedicated to football/soccer legend Zinedine Zidane, a former World and European champion. Zidane is considered one of the greatest players ever. During his career he played for European top clubs such as Real Madrid and Juventus Turin. He has also been the key figure of the French National team from 1994 until 2006. Even though Zidane retired in 2006 this fansite wants to keep his magic alive. It would be wonderful if you helped doing so. :)

New Layout!

Hello fellow Zizou- fans,

here it is, the brandnew layout of! I hope you like it! Don't be shy and share your opinion about it in the comments!
So far I have only managed to upload the information section and obviously the index site. It has been a bit more complicated than I imagined, so it took a little longer. I hope it's alright if I upload the rest during the weekend.

magician10 smile

written on 25 Jun 2010
by magician10 | 11 comment(s)


Hello everybody,

after ages of not updating this wonderful website...I am now finished with the new layout!! I will begin uploading it tomorrow. So I am warning you...the site might look a little messed up at some point. wink
I also plan to add many picture to the Gallery!
You can also look foward to a special section dedicated to Zizou's work for UNDP. :)

I hope someone can come up with a suggestion about the video archive. It's just so uncomfortable to upload everything for youtube. Everything is in a different size and videos also tend to disappear faster than I can keep tack!

Most importantly though I have to congratulate our favorite football player!
Bonne Anniversaire Zizou! 38 brilliant years! And hopefully many, many more!

See you all tomorrow :)

written on 23 Jun 2010
by magician10 | 0 comment(s)

Again it is just the gallery. I promise I will find a solution for the video gallery that I hate so much. I bet if I ask if anyone has an idea, noone will react, but oh well...

I uploaded over 170 pictures that show Zizou during his latest appearances. Most are from this year.
As usually you find almost all of them in the Public Appearances Section. I added pictures from his appearance at the Paris Fashion Week, the Match against Poverty 2010 (for Haiti!), his Dubai visit and the yearly IWC dinner.

Furthermore I uploaded scans of the Sports&Style magazine that had him on the cover, as well as 50 pictures from the promotion of Cracks, the new casting show for footballers that Zizou and Enzo Francescoli will host. You can find them in the Photoshoot section.

Check out everything that is new here: Newest uploads in the gallery

I will try working on translations of all the recent articles. I am so slow, I know.

I hope you enjoy this update anyway.


written on 13 Feb 2010
by magician10 | 8 comment(s)

Finally an Update!

Yes, I am back! Much later than I expected, but I am working on this website again!

I uploaded over 150 pictures to the gallery. They are all recent and many have found their way to me through Flo, thanks so much!

Check out good quality pictures from Zizou's visit to La Plagne, from Real Madrid's No Child without a gift for Christmas event, Zizou's Christmas shopping, his visit to the Zorro show in Paris and much more...:)

I will try to translate a couple of articles in the following weeks and also add a couple of things to the fanart section.

If you want to contribute something, I would be over the moon as usually. Contact me!

Til the next update

written on 29 Dec 2009
by magician10 | 9 comment(s)


Hello everyone,

I am sorry I didn't have time to update this lovely website recently. University is keeping me busy. But I promise that in about one week, I will be active for this website again, so don't worry!

The reason why I post this is:
An article was published recently that stated Zinedine Zidane would visit Gaza as a UNICEF ambassador in March. Attached to the article there was a quote in which Zidane pretty much bashed Israel. I don't want to express my opinion about the Gaza conflict here, I simply want to make clear this article is FAKE!! ZIDANE WAS NEVER MEANT TO VISIT GAZA! Even though several articles confirmed that the original article is a hoax, people are still posting this! So please, don't disappoint all the people in Gaza who would be looking foward to his visit and please don't spread a quote with a controversial political statement that he has NEVER MADE!

articles which confirm that Zidane won't visit Gaza: Jerusalem Post
Fox News

written on 06 Dec 2009
by magician10 | 9 comment(s)

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