This fansite is dedicated to football/soccer legend Zinedine Zidane, a former World and European champion. Zidane is considered one of the greatest players ever. During his career he played for European top clubs such as Real Madrid and Juventus Turin. He has also been the key figure of the French National team from 1994 until 2006. Even though Zidane retired in 2006 this fansite wants to keep his magic alive. It would be wonderful if you helped doing so. :)

More videos, picture and Twitter!

Hello my lovely visitors,

I have added more videos: 4 interviews, 3 documentaries and one random video of Zizou revisiting the Bernabeu after his retirement.

I also posted 25 pictures from New York. 15 of them are in a folder called NY Fashion Week together with his other Public Appearances, the others are Private Pictures.

And - maybe most importantly...or maybe not, it's for you to decide tongue - I created a Twitter account for this website and the LiveJournal blog.
If you follow it, you'll be up to date about all Zizou news as well as the updates of this website. You can also contact me there of course! smile
There you go:

Zidanefans Twitter

There's also a summary of the latest entries on the right side of this Index page.

Well, that's it, I hope you enjoy!!

written on 17 Sep 2009
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More Pictures and Tagboard

Hey my dear visitors,

today I added HQ pictures of Zizou's meeting in Aix-en-Provence. Thanks Flo for making them available! :)

I also added a tagboard where you can leave your messages about this website, Zizou and what else comes to your mind.

Meanwhile I am working on the quotes-section, which should be available soon.

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Pictures and Sitemap

Hey everyone,

I uploaded pictures from Zizou's appearance with David Beckham in Los Angeles and some from this year's Evian Masters. Sadly some of the letter pictures have small watermarks. If anyone has them in better quality, please send them to me. smile

I also added the sitemap. Now you can see every part of this website that is online so far and also what's about to follow.


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Minor Updates

Hey everyone,

first I noticed that the contact form was messed up. I am very sorry! In case anyone tried to write an e-mail to me, please do so again, it works now!

Also you can link my site now, that is, if you want to. wink We can also become Affiliates. To find out more, please check out the Site&Links section.

I wanna thank every site that has become my affilate so far. They are all great resource sites for all things football/soccer or sports and you should check them out! smile

Have a nice day

written on 11 Sep 2009
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Videos are online!

I finally put the video section up!'s not finished yet. I simply uploaded a couple of videos for every category so that you can see how the section looks like.

If you want to recommend any videos, don't hesitate!

All other links on the website should also work by now.
If this is not the case, tell me asap, thanks. smile

I think I will officially open this website tomorrow. wink

written on 07 Sep 2009
by magician10 | 15 comment(s)

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