This fansite is dedicated to football/soccer legend Zinedine Zidane, a former World and European champion. Zidane is considered one of the greatest players ever. During his career he played for European top clubs such as Real Madrid and Juventus Turin. He has also been the key figure of the French National team from 1994 until 2006. Even though Zidane retired in 2006 this fansite wants to keep his magic alive. It would be wonderful if you helped doing so. :)

Happy Birthday, Zizou!

39 years ago a legend was born. A legend that will forever be my favorite football player. Joyeux Anniversaire, Zizou!


written on 23 Jun 2011
by magician10 | 37 comment(s)

New Press Archive is online!

Hello everybody,

as promised I uploaded an entirely new Press Archive to this website. Besides the scans and the PDF-articles you can now find almost 100 articles in three languages about Zizou in here:

The Press Archive
smile smile

I hope you enjoy the new archive. If you have any questions or suggestions or articles you'd like to recommend, feel free to Contact Me.

See you next time

written on 20 Jun 2011
by magician10 | 39 comment(s)

Huge Gallery Update!

Hello everyone,

I guess most of you thought by now that I abandoned this site but thankfully you are wrong. smile smile

I just uploaded about one year of new Zizou pictures to the gallery, in fact over 900 pictures!

I'm also working on updating the magazine archives.

I hope you enjoy the new stuff.


written on 15 Jun 2011
by magician10 | 102 comment(s)

I am not Zinedine Zidane!

Dear everyone,

since I continue to receive E-mails trying to contact Zizou, I guess I have to remind everyone that this is just a FANSITE. A site for fans made BY A FAN. I have sadly never met Zizou, I have no contact to him or his representatives.
Thus I can't help you if you want to talk to him, have his autograph or want him to support a cause.

His OFFICIAL website is !! If you want to contact him, this is the way, not me.

Thanks a lot for reading
Marion (Yes, NOT Zinedine...!!)

PS: For those who actually visit this website because it is a fansite...I hope I will soon have time to finally make an update. However I am right now working on finishing my Bachelor's degree. Thus I have lots of work to do for university. I will try to find time for an update though!

written on 29 Dec 2010
by magician10 | 10 comment(s)

More than 500 new pictures!

Hello fellow fangirls/boys,

Finally! I managed to upload the pictures I collected during the past...erm...4 months! (ie the time I didn't update this lovely gallery)
For now I only uploaded pictures of Zizou's recent appearances with a few exceptions. (go and search for them...*hehe*)

There are now pictures from 14 different events in the Public Appearances section. They include many pictures from the 2010 World Cup, Soccer Aid, the Luxembourg charity match (many taken by me!), the ELA ambassador prize, the announcement of France as the host of the 2016 Euros etc.

I also added the two most recent photoshoots from Vogue Hommes as well as the Vincent Urbani photoshoot.

Last but not least I added the most recent picture we have, which are from Ibiza.

I hope you like this update!

More pictures will follow as well as new wallpapers and icons.

As soon as my term at university ends, which will be after next week, I will finish the layout! (yes, this will indeed happen at some point...)

See you soon and I hope you are all patient :)

written on 15 Jul 2010
by magician10 | 128 comment(s)

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